7 Ways to Increase Engagement – Jason Womack

This is written by Jason Womack and is from his blog, In The Life. He works on “effective productivity practices” and this list is too good to pass up.

7 ways to increase engagement

I was in a workshop last week and during one of the activities, I started a list. The prompt:

What can I do when I’m unenthused, uninspired and (gasp!) bored to re-engage and get going?
I came with some of the things I have used in the past and realized getting going is really only as far away as a thought followed by an action.
Here are seven things to do (and any one will get me started) to kick into gear:

1) Walk around the block (or around the building) three times.
2) Call a mentor and ask an off-the-wall question.
3) Open a search engine and type two of your old hobbies separated by: and. ( _______ and _______)
4) Subscribe to a magazine on the fringe of your interests.
5) Read the second to the last chapter of a business book best-steller.
6) Make a list of 7 people you would like to meet.
7) Shop for two postcards of your town/city, and send them to an out-of-state friend.

My thanks to Douglas E. Welch, who also has an excellent blog called
My Word, for alerting me to this one.

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