River People vs. Goal People

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I just read
River People vs. Goal People, an exceptional article by Chuck Frey (InnovationTools.com).

He describes a major difference in how we maneuver through our lives.

He offers an image of “goal” people, as those who envision goal posts in a football game. Some people set those up for themselves and remain focused specifically on them … which is how they accomplish things … and how they know what they’ve accomplished. It works for them. Solid markers.

But others are “river” people … those who seem to step into a flow (some of them dive in) and expect the river to take them places, toward their goals, that they never before imagined. They also value the info learned along the trip. River people often find themselves much further along their path than they ever could have ever predicted.

Which one are you?


[I took this photo: River in Olympic National Park, Washington State, 2006]

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