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I heard a wonderful interview on National Public Radio with author, Forrest Church. (Don’t you just love his name?)

He was talking about his book on St. Martin’s Press, Freedom from Fear,Finding the Courage to Act, Love and Be.

He summarized his writing in such a digestible way that I decided to take notes. I mean, after all, fear does impede on the creative process, [an understatement!] not to mention in so many other parts of our lives.

Excuse the shorthand, but here are my notes … on The 5 Types of Fear.

(1) Fright. Not long-lasting. More like when someone in front of us slams on the breaks. But often, it can dissipate into worry…

(2) Worry. Attached to a specific topic. Visits us from the future and we become preoccupied. Definitely takes us away from ‘living in the present.’ Worries live because of the attention we give them. Mark Twain said, “I’ve lived a long life and seen a lot of hard times…most of which never happened.”

(3) Guilt. Fear of being caught. Troubled conscience. Most guilt is totally unnecessary.

(4) Insecurity. Feelings of inadequacy. This is when we live not in Today, but in what we can do, can have, can love … etc. Best to look for ways to break out of our self-absorption.

(5) Dread. This is life’s fundamental insecurity. Existential vulnerability. Comes with feeling that life is not ours to control.

His quick summation of a cure, [somewhat simplified, obviously] recognizing that each of us is afraid to some degree, is to …

(1) Want what you have.

(2) Do what you can (not more, not less).

(3) Be who you are (not somebody else).

Sounds easy … maybe we should get the book!

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Helpful Reminder from BELL HOOKS…

“The heart of love is recognition — being recognized for who you are. If you can’t or didn’t get it from your parent, then you can get it from yourself. You can look in a mirror and say to yourself all the things that were never said to you. That’s the beginning of self-love — which is a requirement for loving others.”

— Bell Hooks, on Self-Love


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