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World’s 12 Best New Buildings (

Sometimes all it takes to “goose my muse” is looking up at a beautifully designed building. I’m in awe of architecture…and love to explore new and different buildings whenever I get the chance. So, whether you agree with this list or not, I think you’ll find some pleasure in checking out the 12 Best New Buildings of 2005, from

By C.C. Sullivan, writing in ArtInfo:
“Without much introduction or fanfare, submitted here for your consideration are a dozen great buildings that emerged over the course of 2005. None of these projects are, admittedly, found outside of the Western Hemisphere, and none are designed by Lord Norman Foster or Frank Gehry, the foremost architectural minds of our day….these buildings are quite varied, both typologically (noted for convenience) as well as stylistically and thematically (omitted to spare you)….Not all of these works actually had ribbon-cutting in 2005, but they all became completed, occupied, usable and publishable last year.”
— from the website.

Thanks to John Gabree for contributing this.


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