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The World is Flat – Thomas L. Friedman

ohn Braheny and I are back from the Great Northwest (to Shaw Island, Washington State, and Vancouver, British Columbia, and Hornby Island, British Columbia – Canada) where we participated in three seminar/workshop/retreats for songwriters. Glorious!

As we traveled, we listened to a fantastic book on CD, The World is Flat, by Thomas L. Friedman. It hit the best seller charts right away in 2005 when it was published, but we're just getting around to it…the subtitle is “A brief history of the 21st century.”

If you are interested in how the Internet grew the way it did, and how it is affecting business and culture, worldwide … i.e., why you are now able to market your own CD or DVD on the Web … this is the book for you. An explorer's pleasure-trip, for sure:
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