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BMI – Braheny Reception for Songwriters

(Los Angeles) Last Thursday night, BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) graciously hosted a warm reception for the leaders of the Southern California local songwriters organizations … to celebrate the release of John Braheny’s brand new 3rd edition of his best-selling book, The Craft and Business of Songwriting.

Left to right — Mark Northam (Film Music World), Lori Barth (Society of Composers and Lyricists), Michael Laskow (, Paige Sober (Asst. VP, Writer Publisher Relations, BMI), Jimi Yamagishi (Songwriters Network), Liz Axford (NSAI — San Diego), Alex Del Zoppo (Songwriters Co-op), John Braheny (Author – The Craft and Business of Songwriting), Dan Kimpel (Music Connection magazine), Gilli Moon (Songsalive!), Seth Jackson (NSAI – L.A.), Judy Lamppu (L.A. Women In Music), Stephen Scott (L.A. Women In Music)


The Laws of Simplicity

I love this. It’s exactly what I needed to read right now, especially with all the projects we’re working on, plus holiday festivities coming down the road.

Check out excerpts on his site, from John Maeda’s new book,
The Laws of Simplicity.

Law 1: Reduce
Law 2: Organize
Law 3: Time
Law 4: Learn
Law 5: Differences
Law 6: Context
Law 7: Emotion
Law 8: Trust
Law 9: Failure
Law 10: The One
(Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful.)


Google AdSense –


Paramount Group in Nashville is popping up on my GOOGLE ADSENSE ads here.

Please note that John Braheny and I DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY DO NOT ENDORSE the Paramount Group in Nashville.

I will look into how to edit out such ads from appearing on this blog.

JoAnn Braheny


Swapsets – Ladies Headsets

Just saw this and to let you know…

Swapsets, triple-threat fashion accessories that function as headband, headphones and optional headset, are available in various fabrics from wool to cotton to silk.

The Swapsets site lets you mix and match materials so you can create your own look. A selection of optional dangles that resemble earrings add a little flare.



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