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Creative Hacks – Podcasts

I find myself feeling more and more like a giant sheet of elastic, being pulled in all directions at once … should I read this article or watch this video or listen to this podcast series or read this great new book … all in an effort to satisfy my hunger to know more about what’s going on in the field of creativity. As frustrating as it is (I mean, there only so many hours in a day, right?) I’m grateful for all the choices.

People often ask me if/how I’m enjoying my iPod … and I tell them I wish I had time to listen more to my favorite songs, but I really use it more often for things like this … a brand new series addressing the creative process from various points of view:



Songwriters Coop Jan.18th – John Braheny


My husband, John Braheny, songwriter consultant, teacher, and author of the brand new 3rd Edition of his best-selling book, The Craft and Business of Songwriting, will be the featured guest at the Songwriters Co-Op monthly meeting on:

Thursday, January 18th
7:30 PM
At Dr. Music (music instrument store)
1812 W. Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock (near 134 & 2 Freeways), California.

Host, Alex Del Zoppo, will interview John plus John will critique your songs. Minimum donation for the event: $5.



How to Make a Folded-Paper CD Case

Sorry I didn’t get this one to you before the holidays, however I’m sure it will come in handy for other special occasions … especially if you go to a good art store to buy some of those jazzy hand-made papers? (See that they don’t scratch the CD.)

Step-by-Step …
How to Make a Folded-Paper CD Case!

Better for the environment too!



Turn Your Blog into a Book

Having been an avid writer ever since I learned to type at age 14, (mostly long letters, stories, and some non-fiction)…I’ve always identified with others who are as passionate about writing as I am…

My curiosity drove me to research some evidence of man’s earliest writing and, of course, I found a book about it (probably one of many):

Archaic Bookkeeping brings together the most current scholarship on the earliest true writing system in human history. Invented by the Babylonians at the end of the fourth millennium B.C., this script, called proto-cuneiform…”

Just think if the Babylonians knew about blogs!

And if you haven’t heard, there are publishers today who are searching through our blogs to see who might qualify to turn their blog into a book. Talk about win-win!

Take a look at this excellent article from, Turn Your Blog into a Book to help demystify the process…

Good luck!


Independent Lens – Shorts Film Festival

For those of you interested in making your own indie films…check out some of these.

“The Emmy Award-winning PBS series Independent Lens is pleased to present the first annual Online Shorts Festival. The grand prize-winning films had their national television premiere on SHORT STACK 2006, the acclaimed showcase for independent shorts.” – from the site



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