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National Ambassador to Children’s Literature

Talk about a creative author!

I just loved hearing this piece on NPR (National Public Radio) this morning. And I know you will love it too…

Jon Scieszka, A Seriously Funny ‘Knucklehead’

Jon Scieszka was recently named the Library of Congress’ first national ambassador to children’s literature. He wrote his new memoir, Knucklehead, with young readers in mind.”

Pronounced “schess-ka,” this author had me right away when he described his early reading of the books that many of us grew up with (and how inane they were): “See Dick Run” — like no one in those stories could remember each other’s names. “Run, Sally, Run.”

He believes that children will read (more and better) if they are encouraged to read what they want to read…including comics, magazines, things some parents would not consider “literature.” So, he writes stories that he knows kids will WANT to read. They’re silly and fun. (I love his re-telling of the classic, from the Big Bad Wolf’s point of view … certainly not as incriminating.)

Check out the audio clip (link above), especially if you write children’s stories … or read them to your kids.

Here below is his latest book, Knucklehead … which answers that age-old question, where does he get his ideas for his stories?

And if you want more … read Jon Scieszka’s blog.



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