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JoAnn’s Classes in Nashville

Many of you have already downloaded the schedule directly from the NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Assn. Internat’l) Songposium site… but here’s the write-up of what I’ll be teaching. I’m truly honored to be among the many dynamite guest speakers and teachers who will be there.

Thursday, Sept. 24, 2009 – 11am-12:30pm

Warner Bros. Records Conf. Room (Nashville)

What’s My Next Step — and Why?

Instructor: JoAnn Braheny

4 basic Career Paths are explored, revealing your personal motivation, perceived obstacles and realistic rewards. JoAnn uses practical tools to assess your individual work-style and ideal collaborators. Whether you’re solidly going toward your goals, or feeling torn between them, you’ll find this class valuable. You won’t get this anywhere else! The most frequent word people in her last class used to describe it was “Liberating!”

THEN, on the next day ….

Friday, Sept. 25, 2009 – 11am-12:30pm

Warner Bros. Records Conf. Room (Nashville)

Finding Collaborators You Can Stick With

Instructor: JoAnn Braheny

Collaborations go well beyond co-writing into every area of your life. JoAnn uses her Disney Imagineering team-building experience to show how you can find the ideal collaborators to balance your creative projects — based not only on your music styles, but on how each of you contributes in complementary ways. Includes a quick quiz (no grades!) to help identify your personal work-style preferences. You’ll find the information you get here valuable far beyond your musical collaborations.

Happily, there are already many attendees registered… sign up ASAP! See y’all in Nashville!



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