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Traveling in the South

We traveled in the South a lot this year, doing songwriting & creativity workshops in Austin, Dallas & Houston, Texas … as well as traveling through Oklahoma City, Little Rock, Ark, Nashville, Tennessee… and beyond.

One thing I love is taking photos of signs… and this one (I believe in/near Memphis, Tenn.) just made me smile.

You know for sure this isn’t a “menu du jour” you’d ever find in California (where we live). Not one vegetable or fruit listed anywhere! But still yummy! And don’t forget the ‘sweet tea!’

[Photo:  Memphis Menu – September 2010 – taken by me.]


Oklahoma City – OK!

Some of you know, John Braheny and I have been traveling (most of 2010), presenting songwriting & creativity workshops.

Just recently, we stopped to see our good friend, Craig White, songwriter/studio maven, teacher, who’s teaching recording production at the new Academy of Contemporary Music, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Craig mentioned the school to John (and John to them) and, voila, John did some guest-teaching while we were there in September. John was very impressed with the school, the teachers, students & classes … By the way, the school is currently sold out.

Yep, I know, we were thinking the same thing:  in Oklahoma City? But, it IS centrally located, ya know.

Then, today, I see this article… about a convention coming to Oklahoma City (not connected to the Academy of Contemporary Music), called:  “World Creativity Forum Set for Oklahoma City.” And I just had to include the link for it here.

This event looks really juicy… and I would definitely attend, if I could. The list of guest speakers is amazing. And yes, it will be in Oklahoma City, Nov. 15-17, 2010.

One of the biggest lessons I’m learning in doing our current tour, is that fabulous stuff is happening in lots of places around us, not just in LA or New York or Chicago or Miami. There are some hot pockets of creative talent, Oklahoma City!

And YOU might be able to attend… give it a thought! (Also, check it out that Hanson, from Tulsa, is playing for the convention… coool.)

More to come! (And thanks to those of you who are egging me on to continue this blog! I do appreciate it!)


[Photo by waiter at Lottinvilles Wood Grille in Edmond, OK!]

(left to right) Craig C. White, of White Rose Recording Studio, with voice/music teacher, sweet Marla Haycox, and JoAnn & John Braheny. Oklahoma City, September 2010.


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