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Happy New Year -2011 – Thank You

(Jan. 1, 2011) Happy New Year greetings!

John Braheny and I have had such a magical year (2010), traveling around the United States, meeting and talking with songwriters and musicians and singers, all across the country, at schools, colleges, and in songwriters organizations … we consider ourselves very fortunate, and grateful to you all.

So, when I saw this on one of my new favorite blogs …, I just had to share it with you, because it reflects the way we both feel… and couldn’t have said it much better than this:

  • Thank you for reading this.
  • Thank you for being a friend, even though we might not have met yet.
  • Thank you for telling me how I can do better.
  • Thank you for connecting with me.
  • Thank you for connecting with each other.
  • Thank you for taking some of my advice.
  • Thank you for giving me advice.
  • Thank you for making this such a blast.
  • Thank you for taking care.
  • Thank you for telling a friend about this blog.
  • Thank you for being so loving.
  • Thank you for taking the time to uncover what is important to you.
  • Thank you for trying to make the world a better place.
  • And I’m adding this one: Thank you for being part of our adventure.

    [Photo by me:  Gift shop on Abbot Kinney Drive, Venice, CA, Dec. 2010]

Identify Your Clutter (Zen Habits)

I’ve been catching up on some reading, including a favorite blog: Zen Habits by Leo Babauta.

One of his recent articles is NINE QUICK TIPS to IDENTIFY CLUTTER.

We de-cluttered our garage a year ago, from obvious things like our college textbooks, photos (mostly duplicates from family), VHS tapes, ancient checkstubs, holiday cards we’d kept for years, cassettes, CDs, books, clothes, way too many old LPs, too many kitchen towels, way too much Tupperware, etc., etc.

Initially, we made 4 piles:  Keep, Donate, Sell, Toss.  Yes, we did have a “Not Sure” category … which is still with us. We took several loads to the thrift store, and gave semi-valuables to family, friends, neighbors. I can not tell you enough how freeing this was … especially once we got past the initial grieving & mourning … you know, finally throwing out that clay green ‘art piece’ I made in summer camp. [Take a photo of things like that… much easier to keep!]

Think: a New Year is coming. It’s perfect timing for a good purge!

[Photo taken of downtown window, by me, in Denver, Colorado, Oct. 2010]


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