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Braheny Songwriting Seminar, Corvallis, Oregon, June 11th

A seminar with John & JoAnn Braheny

Creativity, Songcraft & Marketing

Saturday, June 11, 2011      10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

First Alternative Co-op Meeting Room
1007 SE 3rd St., Corvallis, OR 97333
(behind South Store Coop/ next to Purple Moon Espresso)

Admission: $65 for members of PSA / WCS / NSAI / PFS / Artichoke / AFM-99/ KLCC/ Taxi/ ASCAP/ BMI/ SESAC
$75 for non-members

REGISTER by June 5th to reserve your space:
– By email: 

– Pay at door with cash or check. (Lunch is not included in seminar fee.)

– Space is limited.

* If you are not a member of any of these music organizations and you wish to register at the member price, you may inquire about membership when you RSVP or at the door.

* Personal one-on-one consult/critique sessions with John are available. Schedule consultations directly by e-mailing or calling 818-528-5152.


****  MORE DETAILS about JOHN & JOANN & the Seminar   ****

About John Braheny …

John Braheny is a top consultant for songwriters and writer/artists and one of 5 national nominees in the Best Music/Performer/Artist Development Executive category of NARIP’s (National Association of Record Industry Professionals) 2011 Best In The Biz. The author of The Craft and Business of Songwriting (sold over 80,000 copies and now in its 3rd edition), John also co-founded and ran the Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase — a non-profit organization that, for 25 years, provided a weekly showcase and early exposure for writers including Diane Warren, Warren Zevon, Wendy Waldman, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham and many more. A past president of California Copyright Conference and former board member of the L.A. chapter of NARAS, he has interviewed more than 600 songwriters and industry pros, and began his career on the road for 7 years as a solo indie folk and blues performer, songwriter and recording artist and writer/producer of music for commercials. For more info:

About JoAnn Braheny …

JoAnn Braheny began her music industry career as Atlanta’s first full- time female DJ. JoAnn was soon hired in National Promotion & Marketing by GRC Records and then in their music publishing division to develop songwriters. She opened her own company, Jaffe Music Consulting, to provide career direction for both pro and new songwriters. She was the founding secretary of the Atlanta Songwriters Association, and in Los Angeles worked for Rogers & Cowan doing public relations for internationally known celebrities in music and film. Five years in Talent Development for Walt Disney Imagineering gave her a first class education in creativity management, and today she is a career counselor for songwriters and artists, guest-speaking at conferences across the country. For more info:




JoAnn Braheny — The corporate ladder, as a career path, doesn’t work for everyone… especially if you’re in the creative arts. Here, four basic career paths, including the corporate ladder, are explored, to identify what motivates and rewards you. If you’re uncomfortable with the direction you’re headed in, you’ll find this class a liberating experience. JoAnn uses practical tools to assess your individual work-style to help you find your most productive work environment and workmates. You won’t get this anywhere else!

11-1 p.m.  NO RULES — JUST TOOLS

John Braheny — John offers this popular class for writers who started writing by instinct before exploring the principles of manipulating song structure and dynamics for maximum impact. When you follow the principles rather than arbitrary “rules,” you have much greater creative latitude. If you keep getting critiques that say you need better structure or more contrast, or if you need to expand your toolbox of creative options and get more control over what you instinctively know, this class is for you.


1. Are major label deals possible?  Why would you want one — or not?  We’ll discuss the plusses and minuses and what kinds of artists benefit the most.
2. Approaching your career as an independent entrepreneur.  What should you know and how do you learn it? Best FREE learning resources
3. Using social networking resources to promote yourself.  What are the best services and resources? Is MySpace still viable? Do you need a manager?
4. As a songwriter/composer, what sources of income are available to you and how do you connect with the opportunities. Can you still get songs to major artists? How do you get your songs into film/TV?

4-5 p.m. Critiques selected at random from attendees

If you’re also interested in receiving a song critique, simply come ready to play a recording of it (on CD/cassette w/ lyric sheets attached) in the workshop, where John will critique as time allows.
Hope to see you there!



Thanks again for working Little Rock into your return itinerary on the way home from Nashville.  We are very grateful for the time you spent with us.   Your seminar was relevant, substantive and offered information at a depth that we rarely get from a workshop session like that.  Every one of the participants I have spoken to have had nothing but praise for the entire day.  The one criticism I heard was that we should have made it a two-day workshop, to allow more time to pursue topics you had to hit lightly.  We were especially appreciative of the deft manner in which the song critiques were handled.  Several of the writers whose songs you heard told me how much you had helped them.  Your listening skills were so well attuned to assimilating a song’s strengths and weaknesses that your comments were both diplomatic and yet quite specific on those strong points and on the areas that needed improvement. You are welcome back any time. I hope you can book a return engagement with us next time you are passing through. We enjoyed having you and wish you could have stayed longer.
Safe travels, and thanks again! Charlie Crow — NSAI Regional Workshop Co-ordinator, Little Rock, AR

John and JoAnn Braheny’s visit to Las Vegas was informative, insightful and a great delight. Their knowledge of the music business in general and songwriting in particular makes for a wonderful, and I feel, necessary experience for all writers.
Betty Miller — President/Las Vegas Songwriters Association

Great Seminar! I have seen many of these and this was the best. Lots of new information.
Carlos Garza, Springfield VA

A big thanks for your workshop in October. I Continued hearing great things from our membership about the lecture for weeks. People still refer to things you said, either at the workshop or in private consultation. As you saw, we had a fantastic record attendance that evening.
Elliott Jacobowitz, Exec. Director, the Boston Songwriters Workshop

“It’s not for nothing that John Braheny is called the Obi-Wan Kenobi of songwriting. As if his seminal text “The Craft & Business of Songwriting” weren’t enough (and we recommend it on our site and to anyone serious about the business of songwriting), John is a class-act and walking library of tips, tales and tremendous insight into what it takes to create and sustain a career in our volatile and exciting industry. No songwriter society or artist organization should be without a John Braheny — import him if necessary! We have tapped John over the years to be a talent judge at our music contests, and he is the soul of diplomacy and tact, while also giving concrete, pointed and highly useful feedback on what specifically can be done to improve a song. Two thumbs up for John Braheny, highly recommended!
Tess Taylor  President, National Association of Record Industry Professionals

“I first met John at one of his fabulous LASS Expo’s in LA; a dynamic gathering of music business professionals with an emphasis on songwriting and publishing. The next year we invited John and his wife JoAnne to be our featured guests at the Utah Songwriters Association seminar (a three day event). JoAnn led us in creativity workshops while John guided us through every aspect of the songwriting process. They were both stellar presenters, far exceeding our expectations. John is a master teacher, a gifted writer and as well rounded in his knowledge of Songwriting as they come. The only thing that surpasses his expertise is his delightful personality, his giving nature, and his willingness to completely give himself to the moment. He is candid, accessible, and brilliant.” — Songwriter/Recording Artist Cori Connors’ LinkedIn recommendation of John Braheny

See additional Linkedin recommendations for John Braheny.


Brahenys on the Road Again!

Writing to you today from one of our favorite cities … Vancouver, British Columbia!

John and I are still on our Northwestern Tour… starting in Los Angeles, then going to Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, to do two “songwriters salons” … Those are (our invention) 7-10pm evenings of songwriters bringing some yummy goodies to someone’s home, like a “house concert,” except we talk about songwriting, meet & greet, maybe John Braheny critiques a few songs and it’s great fun!

Then we did a full day songwriters seminar at the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls… for the NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Assn. Intern’l) chapter there. What an attentive group!

And then, another wonderful day-long songwriters seminar in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Yes, yes, photos will be posted soon! (Some are already up on Facebook.)

We want to thank each of you who came … we love meeting you all! More soon!


Las Brisas Songwriters Retreat = Great fun!

Here are a few pics at the Retreat … in April 2011… near Murietta, California.

Here I am with host, Niki Smart (left) … enjoying the view!

(L-R) Niki Smart, Gil Hager, Rick Robertson Van Horn & wife, Debbie

John Braheny, checking email on his iPhone, rarely this relaxed!

Niki Smart, yoga instructor, in front of Las Brisas Retreat

(L to R) John Braheny, Rick Robertson Van Horn, & Gil Hager (seated)

John Braheny with lyricist, Peggy Glenn

Designing our own pizza for dinner... creative!

Next time we do a Songwriters Retreat in this lovely location, I hope YOU will come along. We so enjoyed the luxury of time to spend together, with few interruptions, to focus on our creative endeavors!


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