Flipping for a Living – at Minimum Wage

Among the variety of classes at The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena (California), they teach how to research and illustrate quantifiable data.

Students usually design and execute charts, graphs, or 3-D art to demonstrate their findings.

Here’s a particularly good one that a student (who will remain anonymous) designed and built.

Cardboard stove emits a small burst of steam, accompanied by a sizzling sound, each time a burger is flipped.

Some of the text …

“How many flipped burgers does it take to pay for everyday expenses…”

“The average worker needs to flip 118 burgers to earn one hour of Federal minimum wage.”

“45,825 burgers [need to be flipped to pay] for health insurance”

“916 burgers … for gas”

[Other categories included: college tuition, rent, toilet paper, Top Ramen, diapers, etc.]

“1,700,000 minimum wage workers are currently working at or below the $5.15 hr. Federal minimum wage.”

[P.S. Don’t know where the student got his/her data.]

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