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Arts Participation – Good Will Hunting


Lucinda M. Dugger wrote an excellent follow-up article (today) to add to my post a couple days ago, called “Where’s My Audience — NEA Survey”

Hers ran in the blog CopyrightAlliance.org, click:


Worth reading the whole article — I especially agree with Dugger on this:

Watching a clip from a concert on YouTube and seeing that same band ‘live on stage’ produces two completely different experiences. Similarly, seeing a Norman Rockwell in person is euphoric compared to viewing the many reproductions online or in books.

I think a great determent will be had if society chooses to access art through one venue over the other. Art is meant to be experienced in a variety of formats, and we need to embrace the accessibility that the internet gives us with actual in-person experiences.

So, take your friends and/or family … visit your local museum (find out which days have free admission, if necessary), and attend musical performances! That’s an order!



Beverly Hills Affaire in the Garden – May 2008

Several of you have asked, as you know I try to attend (or volunteer for) as many art shows as I can during the Spring … and I thought you’d like to add this one to your calendar now, so it won’t pass by you again. It also happens in October, just in case you miss this one.

This FREE show, The Beverly Hills Affaire in the Garden, is held along 4 blocks of Santa Monica Boulevard, in Beverly Hills, California, and is one of our very favorites.

Prices range from not too expensive all the way to ohmygosh. And yes, a variety of food is available for purchase at different booth vendors. Parking is available along the neighboring streets, or you can pay for parking in lots. Or maybe, I should say, you can pay lots for parking, heh heh.

The show features art by more than 200 exhibitors from around the nation, who showcase their work in photography, painting, sculpture, watercolor, mixed media, ceramics, jewelry, drawings, graphics and prints.

May 17-18, 2008 – (Sat./Sun.) from 10am to 6pm.



100 Websites You Should Know About

I first heard about TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design) some years ago when I worked for Walt Disney Imagineering. Several of their designers/artists would attend the annual TED conferences.

Here’s TED’s handy-dandy list of 100 Websites You Should Know About.

Furthermore, you should check out their site for some amazing video clips from equally amazing speakers. Be prepared to spend some time …



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