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Bonnie Neubauer – Creativity Author

Hi All,

Sorry for the wide gap between posts … YOU know how busy it gets, right?

Anyway, while zooming around, I lucked into a fun site — from yet another person who is into CREATIVITY as I am, specifically writing … and all things related.

Check out Bonnie Neubauer … bonnieneubauer.com — especially her Spinning Wheel full of ideas that are used as prompts for story writing. Now that’s a cool idea!

Also, I found her bio (the long version) well written too … as it goes totally against the grain from those who advise you to never start your bio with “I was born…” (Ha!)

For those of you who live in or near Pottstown, Pennsylvania … you can attend her upcoming talk, in person, about CREATIVITY. Event Details:
Bonnie Neubauer, speaking engagement – Oct. 8, 2008.

[Photo by me. Unique hat seen in a gallery: scraps of wool, felt, ribbon, sponge. 2008]


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