The Feng Shui of Procrastination

I loved this little article … and I hated it too. (Like looking too closely in a magnifying mirror.)

Sure puts a spotlight on how we get in our own way. I do ask myself why I put off doing certain things. Sometimes I think it’s actually good to let things ‘sit for a bit.’ Let those projects get some ‘air.’ Might decide later they weren’t worth pursuing after all. That’s not to be confused with procrastinating. So, you see? I can play this game as well as anybody.

I appreciate a former supervisor who suggested, when I told her I was overwhelmed with too much to do and how I “didn’t have time,” that I try instead to use the mantra, “I’ve got time.” It helped me shift my energy into a much more relaxed and productive state. I still use it. After all, time is your perception of it.

Another of her suggestions was to write a “To Done” list for a week. That means that, aside from my regular “To Do” list, I should jot down things I had actually done, daily, if not hourly. You’d be surprised at the many little things for which you don’t give yourself credit. When I get a bit stressed, I can review my accomplishments rather than the list of uncompleted tasks. Again, it refocuses my attention in a positive way and gets me going again.

Article: The Feng Shui (fung shway) of Procrastination.

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