Writing Tips – Paul Graham

Here’s a list of some excellent writing tips from successful entrepreneur/writer, Paul Graham.

Several of them, you already know, but it’s handy to have them in a list form.

One that jumped out at me is, “Imitate writers you like.”

Whether you’re writing stories, or a novel, or songs … this still applies. I know that John Braheny has taught a class “Anatomy of a Hit” where students would bring in their favorite hit songs.

John and the class would pick them apart (the songs, not the students) to learn what specifically helped to make this song successful and how structure, dynamics, lyric content, etc., contributed.

If you’re playing in a cover band, you’ll absorb some of these things just by learning and playing these songs over and over. So, it becomes a process of osmosis, rather than deliberate learning. Learn while you earn. (smile)

Enjoy the list of tips!

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