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Lucinda M. Dugger wrote an excellent follow-up article (today) to add to my post a couple days ago, called “Where’s My Audience — NEA Survey”

Hers ran in the blog, click:


Worth reading the whole article — I especially agree with Dugger on this:

Watching a clip from a concert on YouTube and seeing that same band ‘live on stage’ produces two completely different experiences. Similarly, seeing a Norman Rockwell in person is euphoric compared to viewing the many reproductions online or in books.

I think a great determent will be had if society chooses to access art through one venue over the other. Art is meant to be experienced in a variety of formats, and we need to embrace the accessibility that the internet gives us with actual in-person experiences.

So, take your friends and/or family … visit your local museum (find out which days have free admission, if necessary), and attend musical performances! That’s an order!


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