That old adage, “Beware of what you ask (because you may get it)” is ringing true for me.

When I put the word out that I was looking for Web sites about the Creative Process, I wasn’t expecting to be overwhelmed with excellent info, all found on one site. But here’s one that knocked me out…

Take a minute (ha!) to explore Mycoted “… a small UK company which offers a range of services to assist in creativity and innovation.”

I was turned on to their super-organized database of Creativity Techniques which you will find very useful if you’re a Product Design Manager, or if you work on a creative team of any kind, or are simply working alone on your art/craft/script/novel/music. My favorites on the list thus far are “Brainstorming,” “Keeping a dream diary” and “Who are you.”

Finally [and I swear I’m not doing a paid advertisement for them], I really appreciate their list of Quotes … especially if you’ve ever come up with a concept and your client looks at you with a blank stare, telling you how “that won’t work…” These quotes will make you smile!

Example: “We don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out.”

–Decca Recording Co. rejecting the Beatles, 1962.

In fact, these quotes remind me of a great book called THE EXPERTS SPEAK. We refer to it often to remind our workshop attendees that even experts can be downright wrong in some of their judgments about creative ideas …


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