Electrify My Soul – New Book by Dan Kimpel

It gives me SUCH pleasure to tell you about Dan Kimpel‘s newest book, Electrify My Soul (Songwriters and the Spiritual Source).

Gosh, is this his fourth one? His others are: Networking in the Music Business, Networking Strategies for the New Music Business and
How They Made It: True Stories of How Music’s Biggest Stars Went from Start to Stardom.

If you don’t know who Dan is … well, then, shame on YOU.

A former singer/songwriter/musician, he currently writes the Songwriting column, Song Biz, in Music Connection magazine, as well as the Songwriter Profile interviews. He’s been doing that for years… And besides that, we’ve known him as a manager (mostly world music artists) and event coordinator (starting with the Songwriters Expo in LA, years ago), plus is seen either on a panel or moderating a panel, at virtually every music event in Los Angeles, teaching classes that reach all the way to Sir Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in England. I could go on … like the fact that he, along with John Braheny and others, wrote and recorded interviews with major hit songwriters for United Airlines (via Disc Marketing) … and I could go on … let’s just say he’s incredible.

I first met Dan when he started working for the now-defunct offices of John Braheny’s and Len Chandler’s Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase, when Dan just moved to Los Angeles. We had just acquired a Macintosh Plus computer (don’t ask how long ago this was) and Dan was too nervous to touch it, much less use it. OBVIOUSLY, he really overcame his fears! Now, he’s the father of 4 books — and to think that he told us that John Braheny was the first author he’d ever met. Wow. Talk about “you’ve come a long way, baby.”

Bravo, bravo on a job well done, Dan. Oh, yes, and let me add THANK YOU for including John Braheny and ME in your new book, Electrify My Soul (Songwriters and the Spiritual Source). We love what you wrote about us in Chapter One, no less!

For this book, Dan interviewed songwriters about their connection with “spirit” (or not) in the process of their songwriting work. Remarkable insights and so varied … it’s truly an honor to be included along with …
Bill Miller, Craig Wiseman, David Nichtern, Mark T. Jordan, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Steve Seskin, Marcus Hummon, Christine Lane, Sam Baker, Melissa Etheridge, Paul Williams, Gary Malkin, Daniel Moore, Jason Blume, Pamela Phillips Oland, Sophie b. Hawkins, Charles John Quarto, Peter Case, Rodney Crowell, Susan Werner, Billy Joe Shaver, Michelle Shocked, Harold Payne, Peter Himmelman, Michael Silversher, Jeffrey Steele, and Karen Taylor-Good.


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