LIVE Online Interview with MEEE! Feb. 28 – 6pm West Coast time

Hello all,

I’ve been invited to be interviewed — including a question/answer session that YOU can participate in — “live” online, on Career Opportunities — which is a weekly online column created/written by our good friend, computer wizard, author/teacher Douglas E. Welch.

Douglas is a true Renaissance human being … exploring all areas of the computer world (to help connect us all better, or connect us to helpful tools and info) … and is an avid podcaster and enjoyer of others’ podcasts. (He also cooks, plays music, sketches a lot, is a photographer, and more …)

Here’s my first opportunity to participate in one of these … by just talking. I actually do remember when we first started with the Internet, sitting and furiously typing everything everyone said in an interview (including my own comments), as none of us had online audio capability yet …

The topic (loosely) will be about Building Your Creative Career.
Tune in (on your computer) Wednesday, February 28th, 2007, at 6pm (Los Angeles time). That’s 9pm for our East Coast friends … we’ll be on for about an hour!

In Doug’s words:
“Much like I believe that every career is a high-tech career, every career is also becoming a creative career. I’ll discuss this topic and more with JoAnn Braheny.”

The link below allows you to get “on the phone” to ask questions, make comments, with us at TalkShoe via telephone, cell or online software. Just follow the steps…

Of course, if you do happen to miss this “live” interview, you can still go back to listen or download it after it happens … just click here:

Look forward to talking with you ONLINE!!

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