Los Angeles Times Festival of Books – 2007

This is one of our favorite events … the annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, held on the campus of UCLA. This one was April 28-29, 2007.

Aside from spending time going from one booth to the next, with about 100,000 people, you have the opportunity to hear world renown authors speak in classrooms there — and it’s FREE (except for parking). If you’re a writer, you should add this event to your “must do” list.

As we strolled around, we saw Hector Elizondo, promoting his current work in the theatre, starring in the Los Angeles hit production of “Twelve Angry Men.” I just had to take his photo and tell him how much I love his work.

Also, took a moment to stop and listen to author, Greg Palast, (seen here in similar baldness and blue shirt, but that was just a coincidence, I swear!) one of our favorite political writers. Wearing headsets, he is being interviewed on KPFK radio, broadcasting live from the Book Festival.

It’s an author’s paradise … certainly a reader’s too. Put it on your calendar for late April 2008. Highly recommended!

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