Pitching Your Songs to TV/Film – John Braheny at Songsalive – March 4, 2007

[Pictured: John & JoAnn Braheny with John’s book agent, Ronny Schiff, left, at the BMI-hosted book-signing party in October ’06, to celebrate the new 3rd edition of John’s best-selling book, The Craft and Business of Songwriting.]

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, come hear John Braheny‘s presentation about How to Pitch Your Songs to TV/Film.

He’ll explain differences between and relative merits of pitching to music libraries, song placement companies, music publishers or directly to music supervisors as routes to audio visual media.

What’s the role of the music supervisor in the selection process?
What kind of material works?
How is your music used?
What constitutes broadcast quality?
How do you research the users?
What are the best tip sheets for audio/visual projects worldwide?
What are the legal issues (including work-for-hire agreements with musicians and singers)? What licenses are needed?
How do you prepare and present your music?
How do you get paid?

This class will answer those questions.
Handouts include: Film/TV tip-sheet list, sample combined Synchronization/Master Use License, sample cue sheet, sample Work-For Hire Agreement.

It’s for the Songsalive workshop on Sunday, March 4th, 2007…at The Coffee Junction in Tarzana.

The event is 1:00-5:00 and, aside from his presentation, there will be time for your songs to be critiqued (by John and the participants there). Please bring your song on CD and lyric sheets! Non-members $5.

The Coffee JunctionClick for Map!
19221 Ventura Blvd. (San Fernando Valley/Los Angeles)
Tarzana, CA 91356

Songsalive is an international organization for songwriters/performers and continues to have excellent programs at each of their chapters, with guest speakers, workshops, retreats, and critique sessions. Check out how you can become involved!

Also upcoming: Sunday, April 1, 2007 — 1:00-4:00pm — The Coffee Junction — Computer guru, guest speaker/columnist/author, Douglas E. Welch, will be speaking about Podcasting – Your Own Private/Public Radio Station. Not to be missed!

You have no excuse! Superb resources are all around you!

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