Stephen King – On Writing

Truth be told, I’ve stayed away from Stephen King’s books and films because they’re always so darned scary. But recently, my Belgian friend, singer/songwriter Hilde Sevens, put the book ON WRITING by Stephen King in my hand and suggested I check it out. She promised it wouldn’t scare me.

You may have read it already (it’s a few years old), but hey, good is still good. And it’s such a a pleasant surprise from an author famous for his horror stories.

Much of what Stephen King advises writers is similar to what we, John Braheny and I, cover in our seminars, but Stephen King embeds the writing lessons in his personal growing-up experiences, some of which are very funny. So, now, I guess, I’m a fan. But I’ll still watch his movies pulling a blanket up under my chin.

Here’s an article from the book, Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully: in Ten Minutes by Stephen King.

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