Creative People’s Desks

Creative people looking at … what creative people have on their desks.

This site’s especially good to show to people who believe that artists are just messy slobs, disorganized, or worse. (OK, it’s possible they tidied up a bit before taking photos … but hey, isn’t that what you’d do if you had guests stopping by?)

[Reminds me of some of the artists I worked with at Disney Imagineering several years ago who were always so neat and clean … never dropping a bit of paint on their clothes. How’d they do that? And then there were others who … well, let’s just say they were ‘joyful’ in their process!]

On this site I like that the artists/writers/designers tell us about their workspace, showing us what’s outside their window (if they have one) and sharing with us the special doo-dads that keep their creative juices flowing.


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