SONGWRITER’S MARKET – 2007 (the book)

With all that’s been going on, I forgot to tell you that John Braheny has an article in the new edition of Songwriter’s Market 2007 that just came out.

You’ve seen Writer’s Digest books in the stores … Writer’s Market, Poet’s Market, Novel and Short Stories Writer’s Market, Photographer’s Market, etc., as well as their excellent magazines.

John has written chapters/articles for them before. This new one is called Getting Ready to Face the Industry, including these sub-topics:

• Ethics in the Biz
• Ego
• Dealing with Rejection
• Survival
• Marketing Your Lyrics
• Organize Your Song Shopping
• Setting Up Your Database
• Submission Software Packages

Also, in the back of this book there’s a world of resources including some listed by geographic locations. Very handy!

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