Walter Mosley – Stop Reading and Start Writing

Walter Mosley is one of my favorite authors … and when I saw this on the NPR site, about writing your novel, I just had to share it with you. You’ve heard other authors say similar things … and it must work, because they all have great books on the market.

From the article:

“My only ritual for writing is that I do it every morning. I wake up and get to work. If I’m in a motel in Mobile — so be it. If I am up all night, and morning is two o’clock in the afternoon, well, that’s okay too.

The only thing that matters is that you write, write, write. It doesn’t have to be good writing. As a matter of fact, almost all first drafts are pretty bad. What matters is that you get down the words on the page or the screen — or into the tape recorder, if you work like that.”

His new book, This Year You Write Your Novel:

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