When We Were Young: Art That’s Not Child’s Play

Next time you post your child’s artwork on the refrigerator … look closer!
To an educated eye, the genius in brilliant artists is apparent even in those early years…

A Washington, D.C., exhibit and a new book focus on the truly early work of artists like Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee and Winslow Homer: They look at the drawings and paintings these artists created when they were children…[compared with their later work.]

See the article and artwork on NPR’s (Nat’l Public Radio) site,
When We Were Young: Art That’s Not Child’s Play

The exhibit runs through September 10, 2006, at The Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C.,

“… features 30 contemporary children’s drawings alongside childhood drawings by Klee and Picasso juxtaposed with their mature work. By bringing these works together, When We Were Young seeks to re-examine conventional notions of what it means to be artistically gifted and shed new light on the relationship of drawing to creative thinking in children.”

The book is entitled, When We Were Young: New Perspectives on the Art of the Child. The author is Jonathan Fineberg.

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