Beverly Hills Affaire in the Gardens – 5/20/07

I know, I know, I know … I should alert you to these events before they happen, but heck, I’ve been too busy going to them, and forgot to post them! Darn. This one happens again in October…so set your calendar.

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We hadn’t attended this art show in the past couple years (we were out of town a lot) but it’s definitely one of our favorite local events: The Beverly Hills Affaire in the Gardens Art Show.

We’re always impressed with the variety of sculpture made from new materials (resin? plastic? melted glass?) and also award-winning presentations ranging from classical-style paintings (landscapes, bowls of fruit) to “ultra high design” (i.e., modern impressionists), plus amazing jewelry and wooden crafts (handmade furniture) of all types. The craftsmanship is jaw-droppingly good. If you are interested in buying, do bring your entire bank account. (OK, it’s not THAT bad, but still pretty pricey.)

The outdoor show covers 3 blocks of the park alongside Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills. Heck, if you still need more stimulation, you can always visit the chic boutiques along adjacent world-famous Rodeo Drive, where Elizabeth Taylor buys her diamonds, or used to.

Oh, and the dogs people have with them…a show all unto itself.


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