Can Creativity Be Taught? by David Weintraub

David Weintraub is a writer, editor, photographer from South Carolina. I happened on his article, (click here) CAN CREATIVITY BE TAUGHT? ,  saying to myself, ‘whoa – now. Is it possible that someone’s finally got an answer to this age old question?’

He asked his students and …

“About half the class wrote that, yes, creativity can be learned. But the other half said no, you are either born with a creative gene or you are not–and all education or training can do is unleash your already existing creative potential. In other words, this group of students said creativity cannot be learned.” Read article…

So, there I was, back at Square One. Half & half.

My personal belief is that it is both… innate and learned. I don’t believe there is anyone who ever starts out his/her life with NO creative ability whatsoever. I believe it is necessary for our survival on this planet. And I believe it must grow and develop, like muscles — you gotta use ’em! Now, then, how we develop, and how we are encouraged to develop — ah, that’s the key!  Let me know what you think…

For you who teach music … and singing… [Photos:  I took these Old West singers, in a Santa Fe, NM, shop window. Oct. 2009, ]


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