Back to the Drawing Board – Cat Bennett

I found this article in the Huffington Post (which I read almost daily, online, also called the HuffPost).

This one is by artist/illustrator, Cat Bennett. She nails some things down about the creative process, in such a direct, easy manner, that you will find yourself nodding in agreement.

She advocates something you’ve heard before (but do we DO it?) … that we should draw (or write) something daily. She reminds us how this process can help solve other problems or challenges in our lives, that have nothing to do with creativity, (per se),  in that the end product is a solution to a problem, or a result, rather than a painting, drawing, poem or song.

She also reminds me of some experiments we tried with the employees when I worked in Talent Development at Walt Disney Imagineering (1988-1993). We asked the ‘suits’ at the company to try their hand at being artists (just to experience it) … they were practically frozen with fear. Her story here is very close to that… talking about calming our “inner critic” voice so we can just have a little fun. (And they did, eventually!)

She talks about how/why being a creative person helps us to use our tools to work through the glitches/obstacles in our lives.  Wonderful article. Only thing is she seems to have mixed up the ‘right brain’ with the ‘left brain.’  It is the left, not the right, that is the linear, ordered, verbal side. But, we’ll forgive her!!

Click here to read Back to the Drawing Board.

Now, go get those crayons you have hidden away in that drawer! Draw a picture of ANYTHING … and just have fun!

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