Career Camp LA (Los Angeles) FREE!

Sometimes it’s just good to go to something like this event, to help you STIR YOUR JUICES … whether you have a good job, or are looking for a good job … or want to change to something new & different.

I’ll be presenting a brief talk about Career Path Patterns … why the Corporate Ladder may (or may not) be right for YOU.

We’ve been conditioned to ‘go for the gold’ in so many ways … ‘reach for the stars’ … ‘grab the golden ring’ … but what if those phrases don’t appeal to you.

Maybe you just want to strive for your “personal best” — or maybe you are happier completing smaller assignments, one after the other. There are a few different paths that our elders rarely discuss … one of them could be much more comfortable for you than the “king of the hill” model. Learn which one is just right…

CAREER CAMP L.A. — click here!

See you there — Saturday, March 27th. Lots of other guest speakers — FREE!!

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